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  • “Russia’s been hit by a financial cold war” The Washington Post, March 28, 2022.  [Link]

  • “Kyiv’s Trilemma: Possible Settlements to the War in Ukraine.” The National Interest, March 18, 2022.  [Link]

  • “Sanctioning Russia Over Ukraine is No Silver Bullet.” The National Interest, January 28, 2022.   [Link]

  • “Conflict between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Kremlin Authority”  All the Russias’ Blog, November 12, 2018 [Link]

  • “The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is trying to withdraw from Moscow’s control. The Kremlin is not happy.”  The Washington Post, October 21, 2018.  With Aaron Brantly. [Link]

  • “Putin will make Russia’s elections this Sunday the most tightly controlled in 16 years.”  The Washington Post, September 16, 2016 [Link]

  • “Six reasons not to worry about Russia invading the Baltics.”  The Washington Post, November 12, 2015 [Link]

  • “Baltic Russians Aren’t Pawns in Strategic Game.”  The Moscow Times, October 26, 2015 [Link]

  • “Here’s why Putin wants to topple Ukraine’s government, not engineer a frozen conflict.”  The Washington Post, October 6, 2015 [Link]

  • “Ukraine and the Limits of Deterrence.”  VoxUkraine, July 23, 2015 [Link]

  • “Putin’s Looming Crisis of Legitimacy.”  The Moscow Times, July 19, 2015 [Link]

  • “Soviet Union is Gone, but Lenin Stuck Around.”  The Moscow Times, April 21, 2015 [Link]

  • “Arming Ukraine is First Step on Slippery Slope.”  The Moscow Times, February 11, 2015 [Link]

  • “The Ukraine Standoff Won’t End Anytime Soon.”  The Moscow Times, December 22, 2014 [Link]

  • “Is Russia Heading for a new 1998 Crisis?”  The Moscow Times, October 23, 2014 [Link]

  • “Ukraine’s Snap Elections Won’t Be a Miracle Cure.” The Moscow Times, August 27, 2014 [Link]

  • “Ukraine’s Parliament Risks a Yeltsin Moment.” The Moscow Times, August 18, 2014 [Link]


Selected Media Appearances:
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  • “Lessons from Ukraine for the Army” with LTG(r) Mark Hertling. Social Science of War Podcast, December 2022 [Link]

  • “Putin, Russia, and the War with Ukraine” with AMB Mike McFaul. Democracy Paradox Podcast, July 2022 [Link]

  • “The Nightingale and The Bear: Examining the Ukraine-Russia Conflict,” Jeune École Podcast, April 1, 2022 [Link]

  • “The Motivations and Methods Behind Russian Hybrid Warfare,” Irregular Warfare Podcast, March 11, 2022 [Link]

  • “An Operational Assessment of the War in Ukraine.” Panel for USMA Modern War Institute. March 2022. [Link]

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